New Posh Chalk Crackle – 7 Easy Steps to Create Chippy Vintage Chairs

Posh Chalk Crackle - Chippy Chair Side

Transforming Bland Chairs into Charming Vintage Pieces with Posh Chalk Crackle

Have you ever come across those bland, blonde chairs at a thrift shop and imagined what they could become with a little creativity? That’s exactly what I did with my latest project. I wanted my chairs to match my table I restored last year using Posh Chalk Crackle. Can you see the detailed trim around the base of the table? I used WUB0119G Trim from WoodUbend. It is my favorite trim in the line. Now back to the chairs. Using the new Posh Chalk Crackle and Texture Additive, I turned these ordinary chairs into stunning, chippy vintage treasures. That is Here’s how you can achieve the same look.

Step 1: Clean Your Furniture

The first step in any furniture makeover is to start with a clean surface. I used Dixie Belle White Lightning and a scrubby to thoroughly clean the chairs, removing all the grime and dirt. After cleaning, I rinsed them well with a clean, wet cloth to ensure no residue was left behind.

Posh Chalk Crackle - Bland Chair

Step 2: Lightly Sand the Chairs

Next, I took a 220-grit sanding block and did a light scuff sand on the chairs. This step helps the paint adhere better. Once the sanding was complete, I wiped down the chairs to remove any dust.

Step 3: Apply the Base Coat

For that vintage look, I wanted some color to peek through the chippy paint, so I chose Dixie Belle’s Antebellum Blue as the base coat. To add texture, I mixed in a scoop or two of Posh Chalk Texture Powder and applied it with a chip brush. This not only adds depth but also contributes to the aged appearance. I painted all four chairs and allowed them to dry completely. (Pretend my garage is clean and organized)

Posh Chalk Crackle - Base Color
Posh Chalk Crackle Gel

Step 4: Apply the Crackle Gel

Once the base coat was dry, I applied a layer of the new Posh Chalk Crackle Gel with a chip brush. I used a crosshatch motion to ensure the cracks formed in different directions.

Posh Chalk Crackle Gel on Painted Chair

You can see the crosshatch marks in the photo below.

Posh Chalk Crackle - Painted cross-hatch

It’s important to watch for drips and smooth them out as you go. Allow the Posh Chalk Crackle gel to dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step. Don’t worry, I came back and painted the bottom of the chairs.

Posh Chalk Crackle - Base Color - Top Coat

Step 5: Apply the Final Coat of Paint

For the topcoat, I used Dixie Belle Fluff, again adding a scoop of Posh Chalk Texture Powder for extra texture. When applying paint over crackle, the key is not to overwork it. Load your brush a bit heavier than usual and use long strokes, avoiding going back and forth. If you do end up with a few gummy spots, don’t worry—you can chip those off once it dries.

Posh Chalk Crackle - Crackle Finish

Step 6: Create the Chippy Look

Once the topcoat was completely dry, it was time for the fun part: chipping away at the paint. Using a metal spatula, I gently scraped at the top coat, starting in areas where natural wear and tear would occur. You can chip away as much or as little as you like. I wanted my chairs to look very chippy, and I’m thrilled with how they turned out.

Step 7: Add the Finishing Touches

To finish the chairs, I applied a layer of Dixie Belle clear wax all over and wiped it back. To enhance the aged look, I then applied black wax, concentrating on areas that would naturally show more wear. Using clear wax first helps control the depth and darkness of the black wax. After applying the black wax, I wiped it back with a clean cloth.

The final result? Beautifully chippy, vintage-looking chairs that pair perfectly with my table using Posh Chalk Crackle. I’m so pleased with how they turned out and would love to hear your thoughts on this project. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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