Beautifully made garden decoration made with 3 easy products!

Here at WoodUbend, we love going thrifting. Usually, we are on the lookout for unloved pieces of furniture. But we often come across small pieces that are great for quick, beginner projects.

This garden sign is a functional chalkboard, safe for outdoor and indoor use!

Garden Sign. 
Chalkboard created sign that says "Garden". The sign is surrounded by different flowers
The WoodUbend Garden Chalk Sign

Products used:

Preparing the WoodUbend Garden Chalk Sign

Preparing the wood sign. Wood sign is sitting on a table.
The garden sign before applying WoodUBend products

To begin this garden sign project, we cleaned the wooden plank using water and a rag. When applying chalkboard paint, you want to ensure that your surface is as smooth as possible. Cleaning the wood helped to remove any dust that could cause texture under the surface.

Then, we taped off the wood using masking tape. We wanted to create a rectangular chalkboard on the plank; the painter’s tape ensured crisp, straight lines.

Next, we applied the chalkboard paint. We applied several layers of the color, drying the paint thoroughly between layers with a heat gun. If you use chalkboard paint, intending to use it as a chalkboard (as it can make a fantastic, matt look by itself), multiple layers help to ensure the longevity of the chalkboard. It means you can write, wipe, and write again without removing too much paint!

When the paint dried, we removed the tape.

Applying Posh Chalk Textured Metallic Paste to the WoodUbend Chalk Sign

We wanted this board to be a WoodUbend sandwich project. What we mean is we wanted three layers. The first is the rectangular chalkboard section. Second, we wanted the WoodUbend trim, and third, we wanted the Posh Chalk Textured Metallic Pearl While Paste.

Pearl White Posh Chalk Textured Metallic Paste.

So, we reapplied tape to the wood, but this time we placed the painter’s tape on the chalk paint. We were going to apply Posh Chalk Textured Metallic Paste; the painter’s tape ensured we did not accidentally apply the paste over the chalk paint. Posh Chalk Textured Metallic Paste is infused with Swarovski Crystals to add texture and that bit of glamour to the thick, versatile paste. It is ideal for creating a sense of elegance on vintage-style projects and can be used for impressive diamond effects with a shiny finish. They are of the highest quality, with high adhesion to all surfaces.

We stippled this onto the surface of our wood. The paste’s almost translucent glow shimmers when it hits the light. The beautiful paste is also self-sealing and so is suitable for outdoor use. You can browse the full range of textured pastes here.

Preparing the WoodUbend

To complement the shimmering color of the Pearl White Posh Chalk Metallic Paste, we selected copper Posh Chalk Metallic Pigment to paint our WoodUbend Trim TR708. This trim would sit between the Pearl White paste and the black chalk paint.

Posh Chalk Copper Metallic Pigment

First, we measured our WoodUbend trim against the wood plank to determine the length needed. To do this, we heated the coiled trim, which allows the WoodUbend trim to become playable and measure against the surface. When we were happy with the length, we tore the trim. Again, when the WoodUbend is warm, it is easy to cut, tear, or stretch.

When using WoodUbend, you can pre-paint the moldings or trims with Posh Chalk products because they are all self-sealing. This means that the colors will withstand the heat needed when applying WoodUbend.

To turn Posh Chalk Metallic Pigment into a liquid, we used Posh Chalk Pigment Infuser. We spooned a small amount into a plastic dish and used a pipette to apply a controlled amount of Infuser.
The powdered pigment sets this fantastic product apart from other premixed ones on the market. Mixing it with the Posh Chalk Pigment Infuser allows the user complete control over the consistency of the product in its liquid state. For example, you can create a highly pigmented paste for complete coverage applications or a pigmented liquid wash to add gentle sparkle to any surface.

Because we wanted to paint our entire WoodUBend trim using the pigment, we created a paste-like consistency for a complete coverage application. The copper pigment is stunning and shines almost rose gold in the light.

Applying the WoodUBend Trim TR708

The TR708.

The TR708 is part of the 3rd generation of WoodUbend. The 3rd Generation WoodUbend is our most robust and most flexible generation yet. The revolutionary designs are crisper and more detailed, and the footprint of the moldings has been designed for better adhesion to surfaces with less glue expulsion in hard-to-reach areas. Also, due to its incomparable density, it holds its heat for longer, which gives the user more opportunity to position it before it cools.

When applying WoodUbend, you should follow the five steps of application.

Step 1: Heat your molding using a heat gun, hair dryer, or griddle. When heated, the molding will bend!

Step 2: Apply good-quality wood glue to the footprint of the molding. Spread the glue over the entire surface using a paintbrush or your finger.

Step 3: Press the molding onto your desired surface. Wipe away any excess glue with water, a baby wipe, or a Q-tip.

Step 4: Reheat the molding using a heat gun or a hair dryer.

Step 5: Press the molding again. You want to see glue expelled from under the molding. This is a sign of good adhesion to the surface. Again, you can wipe away excess glue.

Mitering the WoodUBend

Since we are creating a frame for the chalk sign, we had to miter the WoodUbend trim after applying it.

Mitering is the process where you cut WoodUbend trims to create seamless joints. You can learn more here. 

We lay the corners on top of each other and heat them, making cutting easier. When they are warm enough, we cut diagonally across the corner. This cuts the top and bottom layers of the trims. When you remove these pieces, the trim falls perfectly and seamlessly into place!

The finished result is elegant and fun! It is a perfect decoration for your home or garden and can make an excellent gift for a loved one.

This project is easy, simple, and quick. We hope this inspires you to make something similar at home!

Happy Crafting!

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