Creativity became a critical part of Rhonda‘s inspiring journey, allowing her to reignite her inner spark in our fast-paced world. Amid the chaos and the all too familiar risk of losing touch with our passions, Rhonda demonstrated remarkable courage. Her path back to self-love and the importance of personal growth and fulfillment emerged through her unique creations – stunning pieces of furniture.

Meet Rhonda from Ignite Furnishings

Rhonda is a new Brand Ambassador for WoodUbend-West USA. She is a talented artist and incredible woman. We are so pleased to have her as part of our team.

See Rhonda’s story below.

Ignite Furnishings is about taking the forgotten and loving it back to life. Funny that my furniture business was born out of actually loving myself back to life through creating. In 2017 my world was collapsing. Too many things were coming at me simultaneously, and I just couldn’t. Rocky marriage, struggling kids, the house was a disaster, both in grad school, trying to keep up with failing business, poor health… my legs buckling under the pressure. If even a feather was added, I would crumble. Ironically, that is precisely when refinishing furniture came into my life. A local non-profit asked if I would be willing to do a piece for their art auction, and even with everything, I said “yes.”

I picked up some supplies, blasted my music, and started painting! It was as if each stroke of my brush washed away my anxiety, my depression, and my burdens. My garage became my sanctuary. Light started peering through my dark clouds, and life began to have color again! People started asking me to follow my work, and out of the ashes, Ignite Furnishings was born. Like old yet beautiful furniture needs a good polish, sometimes our creative spirits do too! I was the one that took every art class in high school and then decided I couldn’t make a career out of it. I was the one who snuck into the middle school art room as a practicum student teacher who was supposed to be in the math room. I was the one that volunteered to help brand and market other people’s dreams, yet procrastinated on my own. Refinishing furniture brought so much healing and joy during a dark time in my life; it became a passion. It allowed me to connect my two loves: art and serving others. Married for 22 years to an amazingly supportive man and our 2 kids; son, 17, and daughter, 13 going on 16. When I am not painting, taking pictures, treasure hunting, or running kids to and fro… I love personal growth books, podcasts, and sermons. I LOVE being an entrepreneur and LOVE dreaming big with others that also think big. I love walking alone around our hilly neighborhood or with a friend in a beautiful park. I love a good binge-watch of some BBC love story and a glass of red wine or pint of ice cream. Mountains over beaches, connecting with a few over a big crowd, jeans, and being over getting all dolled up (although fun every once in a while). This is me. “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” -Williamson”

Click on the link below to watch a quick tutorial of Rhonda and her finished furniture piece using WoodUbend with a smokey look.

Click link below:

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