Kids – Three Simple Crafting Projects with WoodUBend!

Are you looking for fun and easy ideas to do with the kids on the weekend? We have you covered! Keep reading for three simple WoodUbend activity ideas for kids!

Puffin Portrait laying on a desk One of the many kids projects that are created throughout this blog.

For all these activities we recommend an adult to be always present. These activities are recommended for kids over the age of 6.

Are you looking for a weekend activity with the kids after a long week? We have put together a list of 3 simple WoodUbend kids activities with easy-to-follow instructions that you can do together.

WoodUbend is bendable wood and is so much fun to work with! Crafting with kids is also an excellent way to play, learn and explore their surroundings!

Idea 1: A WoodUbend Chalk Board!

Chalkboard that says "Have a great day, Sally Jo xoxoxo". It is in front of a brick wall and there are yellow flowers in the bottom right corner
WoodUBend Chalk Board

Every family loves a great DIY chalk board! So why not create one with the kids?

You will need:

  • A WoodUBend Trim.
  • A WoodUBend Moulding.
  • A Chalk-Based Paint.
  • A good quality wood glue. *Do not use PVA*
  • Water to wipe away excess glue
  • A hair dryer

We took a discarded MDF board for the base of the chalkboard. But you can use any flat-backed item for your chalkboard- even an old mirror! A square or rectangular surface is the easiest option. Please note that if you use glass or another slippery surface, we recommend priming this with a product like the Dixie Belle Slick Stick.

When using WoodUbend, you must apply heat. We recommend heating it using a hair dryer for activities involving children as you have more control over the heat. You can also ask your child to wear gloves during this step to protect little hands. The thinner the WoodUbend design, the quicker it heats up. Please keep this in mind when choosing your designs! See our whole range of designs here.

Step 1: Prep

On your clean and primed surface, apply the WoodUbend trim to create your chalkboard outline. We chose a circular design, but you can also outline the straight edges of your surface or bend it into a design of your choice! If you are new to WoodUbend, you can follow our five simple application steps following this YouTube Video!

Step 2: Apply

Apply your decorative moldings! We chose floral appliques. We bent this over the WoodUbend trim to create a more seamless finish. If you need to cut your trims, simply reheat them and tear them.

WoodUBend Seahorse Moulding. with 5 seahorses packaged. One seahorse is out of the package to showcase how it looks
Seahorse Molding
2 WoodUBend Peacock mouldings
Peacock Molding

Step 3: Paint!

Take your chalk paint and paint the inside of your chalk board. We recommend applying several layers of paint to ensure the longevity of the chalk board. Wait for the paint to dry or heat it using a hair dryer to speed up the process.

Step 4: Decorate!

You can add other paint colors to the outside of the chalkboard. We chose a selection of neutral colors to blend the chalkboard, but any color will do! Bright pink, blue, green, or even rainbow! Get creative!

Idea 2: A decorative WoodUbend wall hanging!

Puffin Portrait laying on a desk
The Puffin Decorative Wall Plate

This is a fantastic idea for a simple gift or unique wall decoration for your kids room.

You will need:

We reused the 3rd Generation packaging board of our trim for this wall decoration. All 3rd Generation WoodUbend comes in protective packaging, which can be reused for projects.

The 3rd Generation WoodUbend is our strongest and most flexible generation yet. The revolutionary designs are crisper and more detailed, and the footprint of the moldings has been designed for better adhesion to surfaces with less glue expulsion in hard-to-reach areas. Also, due to its incomparable density, it holds its heat for longer, giving the user more opportunity to position it before it cools!

We have a wide selection of limited-edition rice paper decoupage designs. See our whole range here. Our decoupage comes in A1 and A3 sizes. However, you do not need to use the entire sheet of paper. You can select parts of the decoupage to create unique designs.

Cocker Spaniel Decoupage. The cocker spaniel is sitting on a red pillow.
The Spaniel Decoupage
Two green parakeets decoupage facing each other. They are both on a brown branch with two different branches of leaves on each side of them
Exotic Parakeets Decoupage
Puffin decoupage. The puffin is standing on the right side of the portrait and is looking at flowers on the left side of the portrait
The Puffin Decoupage

It would be best if you tore your decoupage to separate your desired element from the paper. To do this, use a wet paintbrush to trace an outline of the element. Try not to use straight lines, as this will affect how seamlessly it blends into paint! Once wet, pull the decoupage apart using your hands. The paper is surprisingly strong. Water helps to soften it to let you manipulate it easier.

Before you begin this project, you need to pre-paint the surface white. Posh Chalk decoupage is slightly transparent, so it needs to be applied to a dry, white surface to maintain the brilliance of its colors.

Step 1: Apply the decoupage.
Take your Posh Chalk Pigment Infuser and a brush. Spread a layer across your desired surface. You do not want the layer to be too thin, as it will dry quickly and prevent you from moving the paper if there are bubbles. Place the decoupage down, and smooth it gently down using a dry brush. Coat it once more in the Posh Chalk Pigment Infuser to seal and protect it. To speed up the drying process, use a hair dryer.

Step 2: Apply the WoodUbend trims.

Following our five steps of application, frame the decoupage using the trim. If you want seamless edges, follow our mitering tutorial. Please be aware that trimming the edges needs a craft knife and should be done by an adult.

Step 3: Blend!

Take your paint and a paintbrush and blend the decoupage into your surface!

This is an incredibly easy craft idea for anyone! It is also an excellent lesson for children to learn about color theory and blending techniques.

Idea 3: A Decorative WoodUbend Toy Box

A small planter box created with WoodUBend materials. The box is gold and contains a green plant inside. Behind the box are candles and it is sitting on a drawer.

This idea lets you design an innovative storage idea for kids’ toys. But it can also be transformed into a planter!

You will need:

A gold toy box set in front of a WoodUBend banner. In front of the toy box are WoodUBend materials such as metallic paste and pigment.

Step 1: Apply your WoodUbend mouldings

Following the five steps of application. You can tear and cut mouldings to fit them together like puzzle pieces! Make sure an adult is present if you decide to cut the mouldings. Another tip is to ensure that the pieces are warm. This will allow them to cut and tear easily.

Step 2: Apply the Posh Chalk Paste!

We used our Posh Chalk Moulding Brush to get into all the WoodUbend details. This is a pointed tip brush. First, we applied the darkest color, Brown Van Dyke, before highlighting with 24K Gold.

Step 3: Apply the Metallic Pigments!

Mixing pigments are great fun! Take a lollypop stick or small spoon to scoop the pigment out of the jar. Then, pour small amounts of Posh Chalk Pigment Infuser onto it. It will turn into liquid gold right before your eyes! You can mix it using a paintbrush until you achieve your desired consistency, adding more pigment for thickness or more Pigment Infuser for a liquid consistency. Then, gently brush the pigment over the raised contours of the mouldings.

Have fun crafting with the kids!

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