Amazing Halloween Frame: Easy 5 minute WoodUBend Craft!

Since Halloween is fast approaching, here is a 5-minute Halloween DIY project to decorate your home for the season, the WoodUbend way!

Halloween picture frame project. Picture frame contains a picture of someone dressed in a red and black checkered outfit. They have a white hat on. Surrounding the picture frame are red roses and green leaves.

This Halloween frame uses:

*For this project, we used the Posh Chalk Scarlet Harlequin decoupage as the framed image, but you can change this depending on your resources or style!

Step 1: Applying the WoodUbend Trim


The WoodUbend trim TR711 is a zip effect trim. This quirky piece is a narrow trim, meaning that it can be doubled along the edges of the photo frame.

To apply the WoodUbend to the frame, you must follow five simple application steps.

Step 1: Heat your molding using a heat gun, hair dryer, or griddle. When heated, the molding will bend!

Step 2: Apply good-quality wood glue to the footprint of the molding. Spread the glue over the entire surface using a paintbrush or your finger.

Step 3: Press the molding onto your desired surface. Wipe away any excess glue with water, a baby wipe, or a Q-tip.

Step 4: Reheat the molding using a heat gun or a hair dryer.

Step 5: Press the molding again. You want to see glue expel from under the molding, which shows good adhesion to the surface. 

You will also need to miter the WoodUbend to create a seamless finish on the corner. But don’t worry; this is an easy technique to master!

Make sure to leave excess trim over the edges of the frame.  Once the trims overlap, we make sure to heat the corner well. Take care not to burn the WoodUbend; this is a thin trim and heats up very quickly! Once warmed up, we take a knife and cut diagonal to the edge of the frame. This will cut the WoodUbend top and bottom layers. Take off the excess trim that has been cut, and the remaining trim on the frame will fall perfectly into place.

Step 2: Apply the WoodUbend Corner Appliques

The thing that makes this project stand out is the layered WoodUbend. WoodUbend can be applied on top of other WoodUbend following the same application steps above. The WUB2094 is an excellent corner applique for this frame! We applied it to all four corners of the frame onto the trims.

A corner applique applied on to the zipper effect trim TR711

Step 3: Applying Posh Chalk Metallic Paste

Posh Chalk Metallic Paste comes in an extensive range of colors that you can browse here. For this frame, we chose the color, Black Carbon. This paste is a beautiful, deep black with greyish undertones that shines when it hits the light. Using the Posh Chalk moldings brush, we apply the paste to the WoodUbend.

This paste has a whipped cream consistency and will hold its shape whichever way it is applied. This means you can stipple, scrape, or brush it depending on your desired effect. We wanted a plain, smooth result, so we brushed it onto the surface using circular movements to ensure the paste covered the intricate details on the WoodUbend moldings. If you need to thin the paste for flexibility, apply a small amount of water or spritz the surface. The metallic paste is highly pigmented and should most often only need one coat!

Black Carbon Metallic Paste

Step 4: Applying Posh Chalk Patina

Our Posh Chalk Patina is excellent for bringing shadows into a project. We chose the Aqua Patina is Red Medium Cadmium. We dry brushed this shiny, highly pigmented patina over the corners of our piece, dragging it towards the center to achieve a red fade which adds depth to the WoodUbend details.

Red Medium Cadmium Aqua Patina

Step 5: Applying Posh Chalk Metallic Pigment:

For the final touches, we wanted to highlight the frame. Our Posh Chalk Metallic Pigment is a fantastic highlight tool, as it is the shiniest product in our range! We chose the color Red Magenta. This beautiful red pigment has orange undertones, making it a perfect color for Halloween!

Our pigments come in a powdered form, which sets this fantastic product apart from other premixed ones on the market. Posh Chalk Pigments, when mixed with Posh Chalk Pigment Infuser, allow the user complete control over the consistency of the product in its liquid state. For example, you can create a highly pigmented paste for opaque coverage applications or a pigmented liquid wash to add gentle sparkle to any surface.

We created a medium coverage mix, and dry brushed it over the WoodUbend appliques and edges of the zip trim, creating an incredible level of depth and transforming the frame from plain and boring to spectacularly spooky!

Red Magenta Metallic Pigment

*Optional step 6: Adding the Posh Chalk Scarlet Harlequin Decoupage*

Here at WoodUbend, we hate waste! So, if your frame comes with a paper insert, we took it and applied our Posh Chalk Scarlet Harlequin decoupage to it!

Scarlet Harlequin A1 Posh Chalk Deluxe Decoupage

Decoupage paper looks best when applied to a white surface, which allows the colors to pop.  

Apply the Posh Chalk Pigment Infuser over your decoupage surface with a Posh Chalk Smooth and Blend Brush. Once you have applied a layer of the infuser over the surface, place the decoupage paper onto the surface. You can use a Posh Chalk, Smooth, and Blend brush to gently remove any air bubbles from under the paper.  

 Next, cut the excess with a knife and apply another coat of infuser to seal the decoupage.

This simple idea is quick and easy but allows you to create a unique piece, perfect for Halloween or a gothic-style home! Halloween is a chance to get creative with colors and ideas to develop quirky designs for the season! You can send pictures of your spooky WoodUbend frames or similar projects to our free WoodUbend and Posh Chalk Artisans Creations Group on Facebook!

Happy Halloween and have fun crafting!

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