WoodUbend & Posh Chalk: Unveiling 2 Gorgeous DIY Projects for Your Home

Making a Beautiful Console Table from an Antique
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Making a Beautiful Console Table from an Antique

I’m fond of console tables with slender, curvy legs, as they’re versatile and add character to any room. Finding one in an antique shop for just £25 ($30) was a delight. However, this plain and unloved table needed some SollyJo magic!


The top of the Granite Console Table

The top deserved a faux granite look, and having honed this technique using Posh Chalk metallic pastes, I was eager to apply it to an actual furniture piece. The pastes’ thick consistency enables easy texture creation.

Creating a Granite Finish

Preparing the Granite Console Table

First, I prepared the piece by cleaning, lightly sanding, and applying a thin coat of Caviar by Dixie Belle. Using metallic pastes in Dark Green and Black Carbon, I dabbed irregular patterns with a natural sponge, creating depth and intrigue. After smoothing the textures, a mottled green granite effect appeared. To add highlights, I applied Posh Chalk Green Fthathlo paste in select spots using the same technique.

Now to the body of the Console Table

With my trusty water mister, I blended Buttercream, Sawmill Gravy, and Sand Bar by Dixie Belle across the piece. The mister aids in blending, keeping paints fluid and allowing easy gliding. It also helps pigments transition smoothly for a rich blend

Adding WoodUbend to liven things up

Time for some WoodUbend!

Next, I added WoodUbend Mouldings—unique elements with wood-like properties when cold. Heated, they become flexible, adhering to various surfaces like metal, glass, wood, and fabric. Designed to complement Posh Chalk coatings, they ensure stunning results for your crafting or furniture upcycling projects.

THE bendable wood molding

To enhance the plain back, I used a large WoodUbend appliqué, WUB 6046, pre-painted in Sea Glass, and adhered it to the center of the back panel. I also repainted WUB 2093 and placed it around the curvy legs’ top corners. Menadros trim, TR715, was painted in Sea Glass and applied under the drawers. WoodUbend X1008 served as hardware plates on the drawer fronts, and I added handles.

I sealed the piece with Posh Chalk Patina Extender wax, applied black wax for a vintage feel, and highlighted WoodUbend Mouldings with a Lemon Gold Posh Chalk mix.

The Finished Granite-Effect Console

This exceptional furniture upcycling project exceeded our expectations, transforming the original piece into a stunning console. Styled with minimal accents for photos, the console effortlessly complements any décor, showcasing its versatility and timeless appeal.

What do you think of this console? We’d love to hear from you!

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Here is list of items we used for the Console project


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